Thursday, September 4, 2008


I just watch Sarah Palin's speech from the RNC and....well.....fuck.
The majority of her speech focused on her family history as well as her present family situation. This poor woman was chosen as the VP Candidate mostly because of her family story, and it is depressing that she is whole-heartedly going along with it. I'm not saying that being a mom isn't something to be proud of. It is an amazing job that I think we need to respect more than we do, but I must say that this woman does not have enough political experience to be the Vice President. So, don't flaunt your family around as though tackling families issues is on par with the vice presidency. We all have family issues. Parenting is not the same as diplomacy, it just aint.
She picked on Obama for only being the author of two memoirs but not a single law or reform in the State Senate. Really Palin? I think political experience is maybe something you should try to avoid discussing. But by all means, if you must....
Her speech glorified her accomplishments as Governor of Alaska and surprisingly, her stats really rallied the crowds. I guess none of the people there were willing to show their skepticism over her ability to be the Vice President of the United States.
Man, I am worried. Four years ago, even eight years ago, I saw Bush on that screen using the same tactics. He was personable, friendly, accessible, sporting a stupid smirk, and for some God-forsaken reason it worked. They laughed at her jokes: "You know what the difference between a hockey mom and a pit-bull is? Lip stick." They embraced her family with all their faults, but they forgot to do one thing: really examine the issues. She continually focused on what should be as opposed to the present situation. She argued that we should be talking about Victory in Iraq, as opposed to giving up. We should be talking about drilling in America to end foreign dependency. We should confront the threat of Iran.
Lady, the situation at hand is already pretty grim. Let's work on fixing some things before digging ourselves deeper. It's called humility.

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Megan said...

so check this out. according to The Economist, she didn't even have a passport until last year...because she had NEVER BEEN OUT OF THE COUNTRY BEFORE THEN! for a moderately scathing view on this woman, click here: