Friday, September 12, 2008

Gloria Steinem on Sarah Palin: wrong woman, wrong message

So I know that this is kind of a belated post and, at this point, everyone is probably sick of hearing about Sarah Palin, but here's one more interesting article about/perspective on McCain's veep none other than Gloria Steinem, renown feminist, Hillary supporter, and, now, Obama supporter. Many of you have probably already read it, but, if you haven't, or, perhaps more importantly, if you or anyone you know is still considering voting for the bulldog with lipstick as the-next-best-thing to Hillary, or even out of spite over Obama's nomination, please please please read this first!! Truly being a feminist doesn't mean automatically voting for someone just because she is a means making a decision that will protect the hard fought battles of our mothers and grandmothers and that will actually better the economic, social and political situation for women across the world. Come on ladies, let's show McCain that we're smarter than he clearly seems to think we are!!!
And, if you're about to go play contact sports, go to a kickboxing class, or, for whatever other reason, need to get a little fired up, check out the LA Times Comments Blog for the Steinem article. "Heaping pile of murdered baby corpses" and "Ms. Steinem, put your bra back on" are just a few of the many gems that can be found there....

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