Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Let me count the ways....

I know I know, I have given entirely too much attention to Sarah Palin. What can I say? I feel that it is very important that we do not let this women near any type of political position where she can continue to work against women. The most upsetting fact to date about Palin is that while she was mayor in Wasilla, Alaska rape victims were charged for their own rape kits. As if mustering the courage to seek help after being raped isn't tough enough, Palin wants you to fork over $1,200 for that help.
Rape Kits

However, what has been encouraging over the past couple days is the amount of skeptical criticisms surrounding Palin.
Like this or this or this.And she hates polar bears, but it's ok because I don't think they care for her either. Oh and Deepak Chopra chimed in here. And finally, one website that has it all: Women Against Sarah Palin
The Gig is up Palin!

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