Monday, September 8, 2008

Close to Home

Anne Killkenny from Alaska has been spreading her personal knowledge of Sarah Palin around blogs, forums, and email forwards in the form of a nationally addressed letter describing the real Sarah Palin.

So, I know this is a lengthy read for some, but take the time and read it. Become informed on the facts and deceit that is Sarah Palin. The Republicans think they can trick you with this amazingly fresh, energetic face, but in reality it is the same story all over again. She sucks. She is a big corporate-loving, oil hoarding, lying, greedy jerk with a big smile.

Read the Letter

What happened to everyone finally coming to their senses and promising to never again let this country be ran by such jerks? Why am I getting nervous that people will make the same mistake AGAIN?

We have to keep hope. Jenette Wood-Crowley said it best, "If McCain and Palin win the world will end, and I don't think it is time for that yet."

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WordyDoodles said...

AMEN SISTER! We need to keep spreading the truth about Palin-- who do the Repubs think they're fooling? Palin's not about change. They need to go down hard.