Sunday, September 7, 2008

From Russia With Love

In Paper Magazine's August addition they have a piece on Kira Plastinina. Kira is a post communist Russian, SIXTEEN year old fashion designer. Her father discovered her drawings and noticed her talent as a young girl. Since then they have opened over 40 stores in Russia and one opened in New York in May.
"Kira is in the 10th grade at an Anglo-American school in Moscow; she works with her design team in Kira Plastinina design studieo and does her homework on the drive home at night. Kira's store in New York features a interactive high-tech photo booth and a giant pink pacifier that doubles as a couch."
Um, that sounds kinda rad. Keep an eye out for this girl. She is on the rise.
Unfortunately, there is no direct link to the Paper Magazine article, but the article is by Alex Gartenfield and you should check them out, and strongly consider purchasing their magazine. Paper Magazine is worthy of your business

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