Sunday, August 31, 2008

You made me laugh, you even made me cry....


Ok, so the review of her speech may be a couple days late, but in light of McCain's choice for a running mate many questions concerning the women's vote have risen.

Hilary's speech was so powerful and so moving that I swear I had goose bumps for 75% of it.

With Sarah Palin all over the news it is important to remind all those Hilary fanatics what Hilary said herself in her speech, "Were you only in it for me?" Hilary reminds us that Obama supports universalized health care, better education, equal work for equal pay and many other issues that Hilary ran for. Jezebel said it best when writing about Sarah Palin,"When Chosing a Woman Might Not Be Choosing for Women." Hilary stated over and over again that four more years of the past eight years will not offer the progression we need.

So, to those women who are die hard Hilary advocates and say they will vote for McCain merely to teach America a lesson, you need to realize that while you whole-heartedly support Hilary, she does not support your decision. And if this Sarah Palin trick solidifies your decision, then you are a giant sucker. You wanted Hilary because of what she has done for women, her experience, and the power of her voice. Imagine if McCain became President and his health took a turn for the worse (which is a possible scenario at the age of 72), would you really feel comfortable with Sarah Palin in power?

Watch the speech again, and imagine in eight years President Obama singing his praises to the next Presidential candidate, Hilary Rodham Clinton.

The Speech

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