Monday, August 18, 2008

Over 50 and Bitchin'

Did you think you were, once again, going to read an article about the amazing Madonna, and all she has done for music over the years but has no wrinkles to prove it!?! So sorry to disappoint. All the recent news regarding Madge's five-O made me stop and think, "What other amazing females musicians are over 50 and even more bitchin' then this pop princess?" It didn't take long to discover the perfect answer: Kim Gordon.
That's right. Her 55th birthday was on April 28th and you all forgot! Why is that? Hmmm, for starters, because she didn't use her body to try to sell her talent, but more importantly she took chances with her music and challenged audiences to listen to music outside their comfort realms. In short, she is unique and innovative. She portrays women as warriors, not merely survivors or victims.

This woman is doing something new and cool every week, and I don't mean dying her hair a different color or putting herself on a cross during live shows.

Kim's new Project

A Brief History of her Radness

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