Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust...

Both Jezebel and Blogher have brought to my attention a new film, Who Does She Think She Is? The film focuses on female artists and how they are often called selfish, awful mothers for dedicating a significant amount of their time to art. When you go to the film's website the introduction asks; "Every woman is expected to chose between a career or her family...but what if you didn't?
This reminds me of that one time I watched Dr. Phil and a mother and her daughter were the guests. Dr. Phil, ever so politely, pushed the mother to tears calling her a bad mother for devoting too much time to ice skating. She had tried to share her passion with her daughter, but her daughter was uninterested. The child had to watch the mother ice skate after school because the mother had to chose between child-care and some new skates. And you know what that selfish hag did? She chose the skates.....the nerve! The mother pleaded that her father had ran off and so she was raising this child all by herself. Dr. Phil told her in his condescending twang that "sometimes that's just the way it is."
Rather than helping our nation's mothers raise their children, or simply promoting equality of children-rearing responsibility, people time and time again shun mothers for allotting "too much time" to their passions. Sadly, women are marginalized in the art world because of such criticisms.
I hate Dr. Phil.
On the bright side, this film looks very interesting.

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